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nitro 4×4

The Cloud Café welcomes summer by announcing the hottest thing in chilled coffee: nitro cold brew.


But what actually is nitro brew, and is it really any different from cold brew?

Nitrogen-infused cold coffee began in early 2013, when a food scientist at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon, named Nate Armbrust wanted to make cold brew coffee tastier.  So he decided to try pumping nitrogen gas into the brew; creating a creamier and richer brew.

Nitro taps aren’t new. In fact, they’ve been on the craft beer scene after getting their start in Irish breweries. They’ve imbued ales, stouts, and lagers with a lush, rich-tasting froth ever since.  The creamier taste — either in beer or in coffee — is due, in part, to the smaller nitrogen bubbles.  The tiny bubbles make the drink feel thicker when you gulp it down.

Some say that cold brew is already inherently tastier than conventional hot coffee because of its deeper, less acidic flavor notes. And some coffee aficionados suggest a nitrogen tap process makes it even more amazing.  Come on over to building 10 and see for yourself with our new Nitro Cold Brew.